2021 World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

The World Day for Audiovisual Heritage - 27 October - is key initiative for both UNESCO and the Coordinating Council of Audiovisual Archives Associations (CCAAA) to honor audiovisual preservation professionals and institutions that safeguard our heritage for future generations. Around the world audiovisual archives join together annually on this day to celebrate their work with events that not only highlight the vulnerability of these valuable materials, but also to celebrate the often, unheralded work of the institutions that provide protection and preservation, ensuring their availability in the future.


Audiovisual materials can tell your story, your truth, and your presence. They provide a window to the world, allowing us to observe events we cannot attend, hear voices from the past who can no longer speak, and craft stories that inform and entertain. Audiovisual content plays an increasingly vital role in our lives as we seek to understand the world and engage with society.

Join us on 27 October 2021 for World Day for Audiovisual Heritage by posting your events to this webpage: ccaaa.org/WDAVH2021. Promote justice, equity, and peace through audiovisual recordings. Celebrate the triumphs in your community and entertain us with your story. Show us your window to the world.

Toby Seay, Chair of the CCAAA

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The nine associations forming the CCAAA (AMIA, ARSC, FIAF, FIAT-IFTA, FOCAL International, IASA, ICA, SEAPAVAA, IFLA) strongly encourage all their members (and any other institutions) not only to join in the global celebrations of the 2021 World Day on and around 27 October, but also to share the information about their particular events, by filling the quick-and-easy form at the bottom of this page. Your descriptive text can be in the language of your choice (or even better... in several languages), but we ask you to limit it to 500 words max. You can also attach one image per event. Please fill in and submit one form per event. Your contributions will be automatically added to the list of Word day events on this page (the latest added event will appear at the top of the list).

And remember that can also visualize all the notices ever posted about events celebrating the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage on the CCAAA website since the 2016 edition on this webpage.

Happy 2021 World Day for Audiovisual Heritage !

2021 World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

The World Day for Audiovisual Heritage - 27 October - is key initiative for both UNESCO and the Coordinating Council of Audiovisual Archives Associations (CCAAA) to honor audiovisual preservation professionals and institutions that safeguard our heritage for future generations. Around the world audiovisual archives join together annually on this day to celebrate their work with events that not only highlight the vulnerability of these valuable materials, but also to celebrate the often, unheralded work of the institutions that provide protection and preservation, ensuring their availability in the future.


Audiovisual materials can tell your story, your truth, and your presence. They provide a window to the world, allowing us to observe events we cannot attend, hear voices from the past who can no longer speak, and craft stories that inform and entertain. Audiovisual content plays an increasingly vital role in our lives as we seek to understand the world and engage with society.

Join us on 27 October 2021 for World Day for Audiovisual Heritage by posting your events to this webpage: ccaaa.org/WDAVH2021. Promote justice, equity, and peace through audiovisual recordings. Celebrate the triumphs in your community and entertain us with your story. Show us your window to the world.

Toby Seay, Chair of the CCAAA

Download, use, and share the official poster:

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Should you need the 2021 World Day for Audiovisual Heritage poster in another language, please contact info@ccaaa.org and we'll try to help you.

The nine associations forming the CCAAA (AMIA, ARSC, FIAF, FIAT-IFTA, FOCAL International, IASA, ICA, SEAPAVAA, IFLA) strongly encourage all their members (and any other institutions) not only to join in the global celebrations of the 2021 World Day on and around 27 October, but also to share the information about their particular events, by filling the quick-and-easy form at the bottom of this page. Your descriptive text can be in the language of your choice (or even better... in several languages), but we ask you to limit it to 500 words max. You can also attach one image per event. Please fill in and submit one form per event. Your contributions will be automatically added to the list of Word day events on this page (the latest added event will appear at the top of the list).

And remember that can also visualize all the notices ever posted about events celebrating the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage on the CCAAA website since the 2016 edition on this webpage.

Happy 2021 World Day for Audiovisual Heritage !

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MUMEC (Communicatio Media Museum) Centre For UNESCO of Arezzo and Centre for UNESCO of Florence
Silent MUMEC
06 November 2021

This event is intended to encourage young students to visit this Museum which has an unique collection of Audiovisal Heritage. In this particular event young people are invited to visit the Museum where will be played mute films by Francesco Bernasconi trunk dated from 1903 to 1908. Young people are invited to came take their own musical instrument and play the music for the film getting inspired by the scenes.

On occasion of first Saturday of Inaguration Presidents of Centre for UNESCO of Arezzo, Centre for UNESCO of Florence and President of Centre for UNESCO of Turin will celebrate World Day for Audiovisival Heritage. 

Archives départementales de l'Hérault, Montpellier, France
Hubert Roy et le VAL (Vidéo animation Languedoc)
27 October 2021 - 27 October 2022

A l’occasion de la Journée mondiale de l’Audiovisuel, nous vous invitons à découvrir le fonds d’archives audiovisuelles de l’association du VAL (Vidéo Animation Languedoc), soit environ 12 000 cassettes vidéo d’images tournées dans le département de l'Hérault entre 1979 et 2002. Les 2000 Masters sont numérisés et consultables en salle de lecture. 

Nous avons demandé à Hubert Roy, auteur-réalisateur, de nous raconter son expérience professionnelle au VAL entre 1983 et 1990.

Gosfilmofond of Russia(affiliated to FIAF
On the Day of Audiovisual Heritage, the Gosfilmofond of Russia will show a 1926 painting by Yuri Tarich
30 November -0001

Every year on October 27, Gosfilmofond of Russia publishes a film from its collection with an accompanying description on its official YouTube channel. This year we thought it important to post the unjustly forgotten 1926 film Wings of a Sleuth. This talented film by the outstanding director Yuri Tarich tells of the unhappy fate of a serf who invented a flying machine, for which he is sentenced to execution against the background of the reign of Ivan IV in 16th century Russia.

This 1926 film can't even be found on the Internet, where you'll now find what's missing from the Gosfilmofond collection. Meanwhile, the story of a serf lad from Ivan the Terrible's time who dreamed of flying like a bird competed in popularity with "Battleship Potemkin" both at home and abroad, from Germany to the United States, where it was called "a Russian thriller created from Russian sex appeal, smoked iron and torture chambers".

National Archives of Singapore(affiliated to AMIA, FIAT-IFTA, IASA, ICA, IFLA, SEAPAVAA
Stories of Yesteryear: Changing Landscapes
28 October - 18 November 2021

A curation of 20 videos from the National Archives of Singapore’s Oral History collection, this series is a compilation of moments signifying changes in Singapore’s landscape, from the move to conceptualise Singapore as a city in a garden, to the calculated juxtaposition of the hardscape with the softscape, to the major modifications made to the built environment. These videos offer insights into how such transformations affected the way people lived in the past, as compared to now, and highlight the overall progress Singapore has made as a nation.

Universidad Nacional de Cuyo
Primer Manifiesto de cátedra por el Día del Patrimonio Audiovisual.
27 October 2021

Realización del Primer Manifiesto de cátedra realizado de manera colaborativa en el Día del Patrimonio Audiovisual.

Cátedra electiva "PATRIMONIO AUDIOVISUAL. Convergencia disciplinar en el rescate documental", que se dicta en las facultades de Ciencias Políticas y Sociales junto a la Facultad de Artes y Diseño pertenecientes a la Universidad Nacional de Cuyo. Mendoza - Argentina

Uno de los objetivos de la cátedra es aportar a la construcción colectiva de la memoria cultural de nuestra provincia en particular y de la humanidad en general. Para ello sensibilizamos sobre la importancia de la conservación, preservación, catalogación y acceso del Patrimonio Audiovisual, buscando que más profesionales reflexionen y trabajen sobre esta temática.

Por tal motivo, los y las alumnas junto al equipo docente de la primera cátedra electiva sobre Patrimonio Audiovisual dictada en una universidad pública de Argentina, consideramos necesaria y urgente la tarea de visibilizar, poner en valor, preservar y proteger archivos audiovisuales ya que forman parte de nuestra memoria colectiva; muestran quienes somos y hacia dónde queremos ir y serán las huellas que dejaremos a las generaciones venideras para que comprendan mejor el pasado y sigan escribiendo futuro.

Esperamos que este manifiesto sirva de incentivo para que más estudiantes y profesionales se interesen en esta temática y sus múltiples abordajes. 


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Gartenberg Media Enterprises(affiliated to FIAF
Free Stream of SWISS TOUR (SWITZERLAND/US, 1949), Director: Leopold Lindtberg
27 October - 10 November 2021

“This yarn about an American sailor who falls for a local lass while on a holiday in the Alps...is closer to Hollywood than Switzerland.” - The New York Times

Jon Gartenberg, President of Gartenberg Media on rescuing the nitrate elements of SWISS TOUR:

"My former colleague Jeff Capp and I uncovered pristine 35mm nitrate film elements of SWISS TOUR in a commercial warehouse storage facility in the metropolitan New York City area. They proved to be the best-known surviving physical elements in the entire world; thus, archival work not only involves the discovery of 'lost' films, but also identifying the highest quality celluloid elements that are to be used as preservation master material. In 2006, my company repatriated these materials to the Cinémathèque suisse in Lausanne; the film was subsequently preserved in 35mm, and the World Premiere restoration was shown at the Locarno Film Festival in August 2007. Now, years later, Gartenberg Media Enterprises (GME) is proud to co-present, with Praesens-Film AG, the first-ever DVD publication and downloadable DSL file of Leopold Lindtberg's SWISS TOUR (a.k.a., FOUR DAYS LEAVE, a.k.a. SUZANNE ET SON MARIN, 1949)."

Sociedad por el Patrimonio Audiovisual
Ventanas de Latinoamérica
27-31 October 2021

Estudiantes de la Diplomatura en Preservación y Restauración Audiovisual (DiPRA) muestran el trabajo que realizan para preservar el Patrimonio Audiovisual de toda Latinoamérica.

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Marisa Soto
UCLA Film & Television Archive(affiliated to AMIA, FIAF
In the Best Interests of the Children (1977 )
28 October - 11 November 2021

This groundbreaking, award-winning film “about who lesbian mothers and their children really are” portrays the diversity of experience, race and class among eight families and their challenges with custody, the children's fathers and the courts.

Program will feature a Q&A with filmmaker Frances Reid moderated by Jenn Wilson, Senior Programmer at Film Independent.

Color, 53 min. Directors/cinematographers/editors: Frances Reid, Elizabeth Stevens, Cathy Zheutlin.


Cinemateca Dominicana(affiliated to FIAF
Charla: Día Mundial del Patrimonio Audiovisual
27 October 2021
Teatro Nacional Eduardo Brito.
Santo Domingo
República Dominicana

En conmemoración del Día Mundial del Patrimonio Audiovisual, se realizará una charla sobres los alcances obtenidos por la cinemateca dominicana durante el año 2021.

Será proyectado el largometraje Cocote (2017) del director dominicano Nelson Carlo de los Santos Arias.

Sinopsis: Alberto, un evangélico que trabaja como jardinero en una casa adinerada de Santo Domingo, interrumpe su trabajo para ir al velatorio de su padre. Allí se entera que éste en realidad ha sido asesinado, y su familia espera que él se haga cargo de su asesino. Entre rituales y crisis existenciales se inscribe un nuevo artículo en la Ley del Talión “diente por diente…”; ahora "Cocote por Cocote". 

Cinemateca Dominicana(affiliated to FIAF
Entrevista sobre el Día Mundial del Patrimonio Audiovisual
27 October 2021

Entrevista al Lic. José Enrique Rodríguez, director de la Cinemateca Dominicana, sobre el día Mundia del Patrimonio Audiovisual.

Arquivo Nacional (Brasil)(affiliated to FIAF
Dia Mundial do Patrimônio Audiovisual
27 October 2021

No mundo em que vivemos, em que as tecnologias de comunicação estão cada vez mais avançadas e integradas, registros audiovisuais podem ser feitos por qualquer um que tenha um celular nas mãos, e compartilhados com uma grande quantidade de pessoas quase instantaneamente. Essa facilidade de produzirmos vídeos, ao mesmo tempo em que gera um número significativo de registros – com os quais os arquivos terão que lidar – , permite documentar aspectos diversos do cotidiano.

Nesse universo, destacamos o acervo do Instituto Brasileiro de Análises Sociais e Econômicas (Ibase), instituição liderada pelo sociólogo Betinho que completa 40 anos de existência em 2021, e cujo acervo de documentos audiovisuais, iconográficos e sonoros foi doado ao Arquivo Nacional em 2011. O instituto, comprometido com a defesa da democracia e dos direitos da população brasileira, desenvolve atividades filantrópicas, científicas, educativas e culturais, destacando-se estudos e pesquisas sociais, econômicas e políticas; promoção de cursos e seminários; publicações; assessoramento no campo da defesa de direitos; e prestação de serviços de assistência social. O Ibase faz parte da história da Internet brasileira por ter criado o Alternex, o primeiro provedor de acesso à Internet no Brasil, além de ter sido responsável por organizar uma dos mais importantes movimentos sociais da história do país, a "Campanha contra a fome", que se tornaria a organização independente Ação da Cidadania Contra a Fome, a Miséria e Pela Vida.

O objetivo deste evento de comemoração do Dia Mundial do Patrimônio Audiovisual é apresentar diferentes produções audiovisuais que, de alguma maneira, estão ligadas a questões de cidadania, defesa de direitos, meio ambiente e ações sociais, destacando assim a importância da preservação de documentos audiovisuais por instituições públicas, diante dos desafios tecnológicos da modernidade, como garantia de amplo acesso à informação e ao exercício de seus direitos sociais. Após a exibição das produções, propomos uma mesa de debate composta por produtores desses registros audiovisuais, por representantes de instituições de guarda desses documentos e/ou algum pesquisador do assunto.

Quarta-feira, 27 de outubro - 15h.

Página do AN no Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/arquivonacionalbrasil

15h - Fala de abertura

15h15min - Exibição de filmes

16h20min - Mesa de debate

17h - perguntas ao público

17h20min - Encerramento

National Film Institute – Film Archive, Hungary (affiliated to FIAF
Birth of Hungarian Film – The Dance (1901)
26 October 2021 - 26 October 2022

The National Film Institue – Film Archive commemorates the World Day For Audiovisual Heritage with the online screening of the short animated documentary Birth of Hungarian Film – The Dance (1901).

The first directed Hungarian film footage shot with actors debuted in Uránia Hungarian Theatre of Science on 30 April 1901. These short motion pictures were not stand-alone works but illustrations for a lecture on the history of dance. However, all footage featuring the most popular actors of the period has been lost but stills taken during filming have survived – this creative animation short film uses these to present the unknown story of the birth of Hungarian film.

In the 120th jubilee year of the birth of Hungarian cinema, the National Film Institute launched a series of programmes to celebrate Hungarian artists and their films. The exhibition Wide Angle – 120 Years of Hungarian Cinema (23 July – 14 November 2021, Ludwig Museum, Budapest) gives a comprehensive picture of the past and present of Hungarian film art and film industry, which constitutes an important part of our culture from the very first moment. It invites the visitor on a special journey that leads from the birth of the film, through the silent film era and the invention of sound film to the present day.

This year the International Motion Picture Hungarica Research Programme was started with the aim of researching the Hungarian and Hungarian-related film history heritage, making it accessible and wherever possible, repatriating it. The aim of the programme is to locate and then make ready for presentation lost or hitherto unknown works of the Hungarian film heritage, track down the oeuvres of Hungarian and Hungarian-origin, and internationally significant artists, collect motion picture and other related documents, artefacts, and make them accessible for the general public.

The next FIAF Congress, organized by the National Film Institute Hungary – Film Archive, is also scheduled to take place in Budapest, Hungary, from 24-29 April 2022.

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China Film Archive(affiliated to FIAF
Special Screening of 人到中年 People at the Their Middle Ages (1982)
27 October 2021
China Film Archive

On the occasion of this year's World Audio-Visual Heritage Day, the China Film Archive will screen People at the Their Middle Ages, the most remarkable work of Wang Qimin, also a real hit around the country in 198Os. The film gives a glimpse to the middle-age crisis of a woman doctor living in Beijing. It was recognized for its realistic expression provoking humanistic care to the physical and spiritual predicaments that the intellectual faces at that time. A guide before screening will be presented.
Besides People at the Their Middle Ages, other 4 selected films photographed by Wang Qimin will be on along in the coming weeks to celebrate his centenary of the birth.

The retrospective partly supports VOD playing on the newly initiated mobile app of China Film Archive, which is our first try to synchronize the online and offline screenings. 

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Cinemateket - Norwegian Film Institute(affiliated to FIAF
Taiwanese film classic
27 October 2021
Cinemateket Oslo - Norwegian Film Institute

A riotous low-budget action-adventure film, Tarzan and the Treasure reveals the cosmopolitan dreams that raced feverishly through Taiwanese-language cinema.

The film is restored by the Taiwan Film- and Audiovisual Institute. The screening is introduced (digitally) by professor Chris Berry from King's College London, and supported by Ministry of Culture. Taiwan. 

University of Southern California
USC Libraries Twitter Takeover
27 October 2021

The USC Digital Repository and USC Digital Library are teaming up to showcase some digitized films, video tapes, and audio on the USC Libraries Twitter account that provide a window to the world in celebration of the 2021 World Day for Audiovisual Heritage. The USC Libraries house a rich variety of collections, many of which are available digitally in the USC Digital Library. The USC Digital Repository assists in digitizing these collections and offers digital preservation solutions to ensure that the University's collections are accessible in perpetuity.

FIAT/IFTA(affiliated to FIAT-IFTA
FIAT/IFTA Save Your Archive
08 November 2021

As part of UNESCO WDAVH 2021

FIAT/IFTA is proud to present

 Selected Projects  FIAT/IFTA Save Your Archive Program Call 2020, with Partners 

Black Lives: Historical Friendships and the King's Men. Legacies in Ghana, South Africa and London, @ DOKUMENTA, VIDEO , UK

3 important audio-visual collections, 1990s, stories of the Scottish Reverend Sidney Pearson who built an African Eton; production materials of 1st Ghana-South African Co-production CH1; Black London (for BBC)1990s , featuring interviews with artists including Eartha Kitt, Alice Walker .

In partnership with MEMNON 

Yuruparí Documentary Series,  Proimágenes, Colombia.

A selection of 9 titles from mid-1980s  TV series on 16mm format showcasing Colombian diverse cultural traditions, celebrations, and ethnic diversity.

In Partnership with the PRASAD CORPORATION

World Audio-visual archives everywhere are endangered unless they have the necessary means, technical resources, knowhow and support from funders and policy drivers to take action to protect these collections for the long term; and to bring them to life again for the new generations of today and tomorrow.

This is not news sadly to the audio-visual sector. Rarely is it newsworthy until something is lost forever. But for many the window to the world is closed on their priceless collections containing the history and culture of nations and people.  In disadvantaged regions of the world the window may be firmly shut.

Whether through lack of funding, expertise or more extreme events of conflict and climate disaster, the hurdles can seem insurmountable. As professional associations and organisations, if we do not keep a spotlight on this neglect in order  to trigger action,  we too are part of the problem. 

FIAT/IFTA believes we can and should do everything in our power to promote and action the safeguarding of our priceless world audio-visual heritage and to lead by example.

This is why in 2020 FIAT/IFTA teamed up with long standing supporting industry partners to bring their expertise, services and direct support to a number of valuable well defined projects in need of support, through the launch of a new edition of the FIAT/IFTA Save Your Archive Program, 2020.

Following our call for projects and a lively Pitching Session at the FIAT/IFTA first ever online World Conference in 2020 hosted by RTE in Dublin. Two highly regarded  archive projects were selected and are now moving forward within the SYA Program with the support of industry partners, MEMNON and the PRASAD Corporation.

Experts in audio-visual digitisation and processing of large scale video, audio and film material, each partner brings key support to their chosen project and archive to deliver concrete results and showcase what can be achieved by collaboration.
The selected projects were announced and presented at the 2021 FIAT/IFTA World Conference  hosted by FIAT/IFTA and SACIA, the South Africa Communications Industry Association.

The projects will run for 18-24 months. The Save Your Archives Program continues in 2022. All are welcome to subscribe to our newsletter for updates.

Save Your Archive Program is and initiative of the FIAT/IFTA Executive Council.


Archivo de la Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche(affiliated to ICA
Exposición virtual "Los jardines de la UMH"
27 October - 27 November 2021

El Archivo Audiovisual de la Universidad Miguel Hernández conmemora el Día Mundial del Patrimonio Audiovisual, coincidente con el primer año de vida de su nueva web de difusión, con una exposición virtual que recoge imágenes y vídeos de los jardines de sus cuatro campus, en las localidades de Altea, Sant Joan d'Alacant, Elche y Orihuela.

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Seceond Début(affiliated to IASA
World Music Preservation Project
25-31 October 2021

Second Début is Canada's premier video and audio tape digitisation studio, member of IASA, and a leader in promoting the urgency of digitization in the face of analogue obsolescence.

Second Début has initiated a new project focused on the preservation of World Music performances, captured on magnetic tape more more than 15 or 20 years ago, and beyond.

Please enjoy watching and listening to a few samples of recordings from different parts of the world.

And if you are aware of performances that are still lingering on videotape, please get in touch with us at jeanmenard@seconddebut.ca

Thank you for visiting our web page.  

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Rock 'n' Roll Film Festival, Kenya (ROFFEKE)
ROFFEKE Animation - World Audio Visual Heritage Day 2021
26 October - 31 December 2021

Rock ‘n’ Roll Film Festival, Kenya - ROFFEKE - presents an Animation window to the world. Watch animated short films and music videos from all over the world, submitted to ROFFEKE from 2015 to 2021.

Walt Disney said: “Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive. This facility makes it the most versatile and explicit means of communication yet devised for quick mass appreciation.”

Cree Summer said: “Being in the body of an African-American woman, I prefer animation. I get to be everybody. I don’t have to always be the white girl’s best friend. I can be the princess. I can make an inanimate object come to life. I can be a little boy. I can be anything.”

The motto of ROFFEKE is "Friendship, Fun, Freedom". The purpose of ROFFEKE is to "Lighten the Burden".

THIS IS JOE (Francis Diaz Fontan, Spain)

"During the 70's, in New York, Joe Shuster works as a delivery guy. But it wasn't always like this..."

Dormo Poco e Sogno Molto - Espana Circo Este (Paolo Santamaria, Italy)

"A travel through imagination, finding a place called home."

ALAMPA - STORM (Artemy Ortus, Russian Federation)

"The animated video, on the track Alampa - Storm, shows the viewer a fictional universe, where the heroes appear in the form of the main human senses, which take part in a deadly race for survival. For four minutes, the frame plays out an exciting story of interaction between the characters and the birth of a new life in the finale."

BE MINE (Cory Kerr, United States)

"An animated music video of the band driving through the desert while airship pirate foxes attempt to bomb them."

PEDAL TO THE METAL (Ben Acevedo, Andrew Benson, Sabrina Demers; United States)

"What if the road to a rock concert was just as exhilarating as the concert itself? Join two super fans, Brock and Roxy, as they race through a rock-and-roll themed desert to see their favorite band before the stadium fills up!"

First Rock 'n' Roll Played on Moon (Mick Cusimano, United States)

"Rock and roll bands couldn't play anywhere on earth so they sent them to the Moon."

Cinémathèque suisse(affiliated to FIAF
Online short films restored and digitised by the Cinémathèque suisse
26 October 2021 - 31 December 2023

A series of short films from the collections of the Cinémathèque suisse, restored and digitised thanks to the support of Memoriav and in partnership with specialised Swiss and European laboratories.

Cinemateca de Bogotá - Gerencia de Artes Audiovisuales del Idartes(affiliated to FIAF
Por el valor y la memoria audiovisual
16 October - 26 November 2021
Cinemateca de Bogotá
Bogotá D.C

La Cinemateca de Bogotá - Gerencia de Artes Audiovisuales del Idartes, para el mes de octubre, mes en el que se celebra el Día Mundial del Patrimonio Audiovisual (UNESCO) y el Día del Cine Casero (CHM), ha traído a sus públicos una programación que conmemora el patrimonio audiovisual.


Tercer Ciclo Restaurados por el valor y la memoria audiovisual

Del 16 al 24 de octubre, la Cinemateca de Bogotá, la Fundación Patrimonio Fílmico Colombiano y Proimágenes Colombia, presentaron el Ciclo Restaurados. Un espacio que busca generar un reencuentro con las películas que marcaron distintas etapas de la cinematografía colombiana y latinoamericana a lo largo de la historia. La programación presencial incluyó una serie de obras audiovisuales de los últimos 100 años de México, Argentina, Brasil, Uruguay, Venezuela, Chile, Perú y Colombia.



Esencial 150 años del nacimiento de Segundo de Chomón

La Cinemateca de Bogotá se une a la conmemoración del 150 aniversario del nacimiento de Segundo de Chomón organizado por la Filmoteca de Catalunya, Departament de Cultura y el Institut Català de les Indústries Culturals. Una muestra que reúne 13 títulos realizados entre 1904 y 1912 en 3 ciudades, Barcelona, Paris y Turín.


Home Movie Day Bogotá 2021: Memorias cinematográficas del siglo XX

Conversatorio que reflexiona sobre la memoria audiovisual del siglo XX y como los archivos familiares componen la memoria colectiva de las sociedades y culturas contemporáneas. Actividad enmarcada en la celebración del Día del Cine Casero, cuyo lema este año es ¡Cualquier día puede ser el Día del cine casero! Esta celebración es impulsada por el Centre for Home Movies (U.S.A).


16memorias (Dir. Camilo Botero. 2008) disponible para Colombia a través de la Sala Virtual de la Cinemateca de Bogotá del 16 al 31 de octubre. https://cinematecadebogota.gov.co/pelicula/home-movie-day-16memorias


Laboratorio: Exploraciones fílmicas expandidas con el formato de cine 16mm.

Este laboratorio ofrece la posibilidad de experimentar el lenguaje audiovisual a partir de la imagen 16mm. Sobre la base de una creación colectiva, los participantes filmarán con la cámara Bolex de 16mm, revelarán sus propias imágenes, realizarán el escaneo de las mismas, para finalizar con una posproducción enfocada hacia una instalación audiovisual.


Día mundial del patrimonio audiovisual - Descrubrir, recordar y compartir

Como parte de la celebración del Día Mundial del Patrimonio Audiovisual (UNESCO) y en el marco del aniversario 35 de la Fundación Patrimonio Fílmico Colombiano, este 27 y 28 de octubre se realizarán una serie de conversatorios y exhibiciones en alianza con la Cinemateca de Bogotá, Señal Memoria y Canal Zoom, bajo la coordinación de la Fundación Patrimonio Fílmico Colombiano.


Cine-concierto "Al ritmo de Macondo"

El 27 de octubre tendrá lugar en la Cinemateca de Bogotá el evento "Al ritmo de Macondo", una ruta de circulación de Cine Colombiano compuesta por 16 obras audiovisuales que son parte de experiencias configuradas como cine-conciertos. Organizado por La Academia Colombiana de Artes y Ciencias Cinematográficas.



Cinémathèque de Nice
Screening : Anatole Litvak's "L"Equipage"
27 October 2021
3 esplanade Kennedy
Nice 06300

Screening of the movie "L’Equipage" in presence of Eric Antoine Lebon, author of " Annabella, gardez le sourire !” (ed. L'Harmattan, 2018).

Session proposed as part of the tribute to the actress Annabella.



Hommage à l'actrice Annabella avec la projection du film L'Équipage d'Anatole Litvak adapté du roman de Joseph Kessel.

Séance présentée par Éric Antoine Lebon, auteur de Annabella, gardez le sourire ! (ed. L'Harmattan, 2018).


Cinémathèque de Nice(affiliated to FIAF
Screening : Leonide Moguy's "Prison sans barreaux"
27 October 2021
Acropolis - 3 esplanade Kennedy
Nice 06300

Screening of the movie "Prison sans barreaux" in presence of Eric Antoine Lebon, author of "Léonide Moguy, un citoyen du monde au pays du cinéma (ed. L'Harmattan, 2018) and in presence of Katia Moguy, daughter of the director.

Session proposed as part of the Leonide Moguy's retroepctive to discover at the Cinémathèque de Nice until october 30.




À l'occasion du cycle consacré à l'œuvre de Léonide Moguy engagée dans un cinéma social, la Cinémathèque de Nice propose de découvrir le film "Prison sans barreaux" avec l'éclairage d'Éric Antoine Lebon, auteur de Léonide Moguy, un citoyen du monde au pays du cinéma (ed. L'Harmattan, 2018) et la présence de Katia Moguy, fille du cinéaste.

KAVI National Audiovisual Institute Finland(affiliated to FIAF
Lumière brothers: First film screening in Finland 28.6.1896
02 November 2021
Kino Regina

Lumière brothers: first film screening in Finland 28.6.1896

A special reconstruction of the first film screening held in Finland on 28.6.1896. The first Lumière brothers’ screening at Seurahuone in Helsinki was held only six months after the brothers’ first public exhibition of their Cinématographe in Paris. The screening to be held at Kino Regina in 2021 will consist of the surviving short films alongside a presentation going over statements made by audience members of the time.


The National Audiovisual Institute (KAVI) organizes regular film screenings at the Kino Regina cinema in Helsinki. Archival series cover just about everything from the earliest examples of film history to the latest noteworthy releases: classics and forgotten gems, extensive retrospectives illuminating genre history and changing times.

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FOCAL International(affiliated to FOCAL International
FOCAL Online Workshop: Film Restoration & Preservation
17 November 2021

Do you know what a DPX File is?

How do you identify Nitrate?

How to undertake film cleaning?

From vault management to scanning and grading, these topics alongside many more will be answered in FOCAL’s highly anticipated workshop on Film Restoration & Preservation.

Join us for this in-depth session with our esteemed panellist.


Montenegrin Cinematheque(affiliated to FIAF
The Captive
27 October 2021
Montenegrin Cinematheque

With her brother killed Sonya is given Turkish captive Mahmud to do the hard work on the farm. After they become fond of each other he strikes a Turkish officer. When peace arrives, his blow costs him his noble lands. She is burned out of her house. They meet again on the road with nothing but each other.


RMIT Media and Communication
Celebrating World Audiovisual Heritage Day 2021
26-27 October 2021

An interview with Louise Curham and Robert Pymm, affiliates of Charles Sturt University's Graduate Certificate in Audiovisual Archiving course, created by Jessica Robson, Bachelor of Media and Communication student at RMIT.

Bangladesh Film Archive(affiliated to FIAF, IASA
World Day for Audiovisual Heritage
26-27 October 2021
Projection Hall, Bangladesh Film Archive Premises

Bangladesh Film Archive (BFA) is entrusted with preservation of national history, culture and heritage. It collects cinema, allied materials and preserves it. BFA conducts research programs to foster audio-visual environment. BFA established in 1978 as Film Institute and Archive under the then Ministry of Information, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Later in 1984, it renamed as 'Bangladesh Film Archive'. It enrolled as FIAF member in 1980.

Bangladesh Film Archive (BFA) chalked out a program on World Day for Audiovisual Heritage with a festive enthusiasm including number of activities like film screening and Poster exhibition. Bangladesh Film Archive also focuses the day through its official website by linking the CCAAA’s official page and own activities also.

The program will be organized at the Projection Hall (2 level) of BFA premises. The daylong program will begin with the screening of documentary titled Chironjib Bangabandhu. The documentary is based on the Biography of our Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujiber Rahman.

Later, Druva, the film released in 1934 will also be screened. The film was made by Kazi Nazrul Islam, known as poet of rebel and National poet of Bangladesh. He also played a vital role in this historical Film.


Thai Film Archive (Public Organization) (affiliated to FIAF, SEAPAVAA
From Squid Archive to Reality
27 October 2021

The globally phenomenal success series Squid Game presents “the Squid Archive” as the important room where a character finds out about the professional folder and filing of the history of “Squid Game”. This short presentation inspires us to make a bridge for the general public to our archival world. On this year World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, the Thai Film Archive (Public Organization) collaborated with the Museum and Archive of Public Relation of Thailand and Bangkok Broadcasting & Television Company Limited and partners organise the online seminar on the audio-visual archives. We would like to present the audiovisual archive’s roles, importance and challenges to the general public

The panelists are Ms.Chayanis Srisintawarak, the acting manager of the media resources Bangkok Broadcasting & Television Company Limited, Ms.Thanimrat Kleawthanong the director of the Museum and Archive of Public Relation of Thailand and Ms.Chalida Uabumrungjit the director of the Thai Film Archive (Public Organisation)

The online seminar will be live broadcasted on https://www.facebook.com/ThaiFilmArchivePage at 14.00 – 16.00 p.m. (UTC 7) on 27 October 2021 .

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Bophana Audiovisual Resource Center(affiliated to FIAF
Discovering the incredible work of Ms. UONG KANTHOUK – the Cambodia female filmmaker of 1970s – Meeting with our archivist Sopheaktra AN
27 October 2021

Bophana Audiovisual Resource Center is glad to celebrate "World Day for Audiovisual Heritage 2021" under the theme "Your Window to the World". the event will looks into the extraordinary work of a Cambodian female filmmaker of 1970s under topic "Discovering the incredible work of Ms. UONG KANTHOUK - the Cambodia female filmmaker of 1970s - Meeting with Sopheaktra AN, Archivist of Bophana Center". The event will feature the special screening of Ms. UONG's outstanding "Time to Cry" and will be followed by the conversation with Sopheaktra An who had been in conversation with Ms. UONG several time about her life experiences in making and producing films in golden age of Cambodia.  

This event will take place online on October 27, 2021 from 5pm, on Bophana Center's Facebook page. This event will be conducted in Khmer.

National Archives of Australia(affiliated to AMIA, FIAF, IASA, ICA, SEAPAVAA
Digitisation of At-Risk Audiovisual Formats
27 October 2021

Time is running out for precious audiovisual collections around the world due to deterioration and technical obsolence. The only way to save this content is to digitise it, ensuring that it will be available for generations to come. 

At the National Archives of Australia we have been working hard for many years to save our collections, despite the challenges of limited funding and our huge collection of over one million items. 

On World Audiovisual Heritage Day this year, we are pleased to announce that thanks to the recent approval of urgent government funding, we are starting a new four year project to digitise and preserve tens of thousands of at-risk films, videos and audio tapes.

To celebrate we have produced a short video which highlights both the challenges we face and our approach to saving the collection.  Over the coming months we will also be publishing more amazing footage from our collection, to give you a window into our world. 

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Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía (Imcine)(affiliated to FIAF
Día Mundial del Patrimonio Audiovisual 2021
27-31 October 2021

El Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía (IMCINE) se une como cada año a la celebración del Día del Patrimonio Audiovisual e invita a reconectarnos con nuestra historia, encontrar conexiones con nuestro presente y mirar el pasado a través de una programación especial y diversa que incluye cine documental y Cines mutantes, compuesta por 12 títulos mexicanos: 5 largometrajes y 7 cortometrajes, que estarán para disfrute del público en sedes presenciales y televisoras pertenecientes a la Red de Radiodifusoras y Televisoras Educativas y Culturales de México.

Este programa especial nos muestra la importancia de los recuerdos familiares, de conservar los testigos de las luchas sociales y de retratar los hechos históricos, a través del material fílmico, del vídeo digital, fotográfico y de sonido. Es una invitación a rescatar y preservar la memoria para reconstruirnos en el futuro.

La muestra se llevará a 12 sedes con 49 funciones en 9 estados de la República Mexicana; Aguascalientes, Chiapas, Ciudad de México, Coahuila, Durango, Estado de México, Jalisco, Puebla y Zacatecas.

Además se realizarán 89 funciones en 13 televisoras de 12 estados de la República Mexicana; Aguascalientes, Campeche, Chiapas, Hidalgo, Jalisco, Michoacán, Morelos, Puebla, Querétaro, San Luis Potosí, Tabasco y Zacatecas, además de dos televisora de alcance nacional: Canal 22 y el Sistema Público de Radiodifusión del Estado Mexicano.

Aquí la programación completa:



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Coordinadora Latinoamericana de Archivos de Imágenes en Movimiento (affiliated to FIAF
Ciclo CLAIM Recuperados
25-31 October 2021

Como parte de la conmemoración del Día Mundial del Patrimonio Audiovisual, la Cineteca Nacional de Chile, en conjunto con la Coordinadora Latinoamericana de Archivos de Imágenes en Movimiento (CLAIM), exhibirá online el ciclo CLAIM Recuperados.

El mismo está conformado por siete películas de diferentes formatos y épocas que representan parte del esfuerzo de algunos de los archivos miembros de CLAIM en la recuperación y protección del patrimonio audiovisual de nuestra región.


La programación está conformada por:

En busca de María (Luis Ospina y Jorge Nieto, 16 min, 1985, Colombia), de la Cinemateca de Bogotá - Gerencia de Artes Audiovisuales del Idartes, Colombia.

El bolillo fatal... o El emblema de la muerte (Luis del Castillo, 17 min, 1927, Bolivia), de la Fundación Cinemateca Boliviana.

El húsar de la muerte (Pedro Sienna, 65 min, 1925, Chile), de la Cineteca Nacional de Chile.

El retorno (Albert-Francis Bertoni, 78 min, 1930, Costa Rica), del Centro Costarricense de Producción Cinematográfica.

Movimento Estudantil em São Paulo (autor desconocido, 1977-1980, Brasil), del Arquivo Nacional do Brasil.

Naskará (Juan Miguel de Mora, 39 min, 1951, Guatemala), del Archivo de la Imagen IIHAA, Escuela de Historia de la Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala.

Prisioneros de la tierra (Mario Soffici, 86 min, 1939, Argentina), del Museo del Cine Pablo Ducrós Hicken de Argentina.


A su vez el miércoles 27 de octubre, a las 11 hs. (Rio de Janeiro), a través de la página de facebook  CLAIMcomunidad,  se llevará a cabo un conversatorio sobre el ciclo. Del mismo participarán Edgar Barillas (Investigador Titular XII, encargado del Archivo de la Imagen IIHAA), José Bermúdez Villalobos (Centro Costarricense de Producción Cinematográfica), Henry Caicedo Caicedo (Cinemateca de Bogotá - Gerencia de Artes Audiovisuales del Idartes), Aluf Alba V. Elias (Arquivo Nacional - Brasil), Mela Marquez (Fundación Cinemateca Boliviana), Andres Levinson (Museo del Cine "Pablo Ducrós Hicken" y Macarena Bello Martínez (Cineteca Nacional de Chile). La mediación estará a cargo de José Quental (Cinemateca do MAM).

Conversatório Facebook CLAIM: https://www.facebook.com/CLAIMcomunidad

27 October 2021
Cineteca Nacional de México
Ciudad de México

La Cineteca Nacional de México, institución de la Secretaría de Cultura del Gobiernos de México, se une este 27 de octubre a la celebración del Día mundial del Patrimonio Audiovisual con diversas actividades, dos presenciales y una virtual.

La jornada ofrece una selección de cortometrajes del acervos, digitalizados por el Laboratorio de Restauración Digital, en el Foro al Aire Libre. El programa se compone de una animación de Alfonso Vergara Andrade (AVA), "Noche mexicana" (1938), seguida por un corto sobre la filmación de Rosa Blanca de 1959. A esto se suman dos cortometrajes de la valiosa y poco conocida Colección Lilly: "Renovación de los objetos rituales de la montaña", y "Colette Llilly jugando con niños". Imágenes que registran un mundo en desaparición, el de los wixárikas (antes conocidos como huicholes). Los Lilly filmaron entre 1961 y 2003, más de 40 horas de películas en 16 y 35mm. Para completar el programa, se seleccionaron: "[Lo espera nuestra dulcería]" de 1976; "Los Hnos. Rodríguez presentan", un  corto sonoro de 1931 que registró en vivo a estrellas mexicanas como Dolores del Rio en una gala en Los Ángeles; además de "[Visita de Clark Gable a México]"; "[Festival de los artistas, 1969]" y un fragmento de Pedro Infante cantando en la película "El último sueño" (ca. 1940).

Terminará la proyección con el estreno de un cortometraje histórico, totalmente restaurado por la Cineteca Nacional: "Los sucesos de José de León Toral y el asesinato del Gral. Álvaro Obregón", de  1929. Producción que combina imágenes documentales, fotografías y escenas dramatizadas de la entrada triunfal del recien electo presidente General Obregón, su asesinato, y el juicio al que fue sometido León Toral, su asesino material.

En el canal de You Tube de la Cineteca Nacional, dentro de la colección Miradas al Acervo, se podrá ver este mismo cortometraje a las 20 horas, hora de la Ciudad de México.

Este año, además del tradicional programa de cortos, se proyectarán como parte de la celebración tres clásicos del cine mexicano restaurados por el Laboratorio de Restauración Digital de la Cineteca Nacional: Rio Escondido (1948) de Emilio Fernández, Ensayo de un crimen (1955) de Luis Buñuel, y Tiburoneros (1962) de Luis Alcoriza.


Centro de Documentación Audiovisual de Radio y Televisión, UASLP(affiliated to FIAT-IFTA
Programa especial: Día Mundial del Patrimonio Audiovisual
27 October 2021

Programa especial: Su ventana al mundo, Día Mundial del Patrimonio Audiovisual 2021

Fecha: 27/10/2021

Horario: 13:00 horas

Multiplataforma: Radio Universidad 88.5 FM, Facebook Radio y Televisión UASLP, Youtube Play a la Historia.


Resumen: Diálogo con especialistas de España y Colombia en el marco del Día Mundial del Patrimonio Audiovisual, en donde se abordarán las tendencias y retos actuales de los documentos que forman parte integrante de la memoria de la humanidad.



Mtro. Guillermo Forero Cruz, (Colombia)

Consultor en Patrimonio Audiovisual, Comunicador Social, Periodista y Publicista. Especialista en cine, televisión, radio y producción audiovisual. Productor de radio y televisión en Radio Nacional de Colombia y Señal Colombia. Catedrático Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano de Bogotá.


Dr. Juan Carlos Marcos Recio, (España)

Doctor en Ciencias de la Información. Profesor Titular de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, autor de varios libros y artículos que estudian y analizan las aportaciones de los documentalistas en los medios en general, así como el estudio del patrimonio en los medios de comunicación.


Conducción: Mtro. Ubaldo Candia Reyna, Responsable del Centro de Documentación Audiovisual de Radio y Televisión.


Una producción de Radio y Televisión de la Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí, México.

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Korean Film Archive(affiliated to FIAF
1961’s South Korean Films, the Moments of Transition and Leap
26 October 2021 - 26 October 2022

As commemorating the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, the Korean Film Archive introduce 20 films restored by digital preservation out of 78 movies produced in 1961.

Though the film industry has been suffering a slump lately due to the pandemic, South Korean films have grabbed more international attention than ever before. Parasite (Bong Joon-ho, 2019) was met with great praise across the globe, and Youn Yeo-jung, in Minari (Lee Isaac Chung, 2021), showed her remarkable performance to international audiences. However, certainly the fame and success did not come overnight.

Going back six decades, 1961 was a notable year in which the film culture was explosively expanded: The domestic movies overwhelmed the imported foreign ones in box office for the first time; The very first color cinemascope movie was released to the public; Multiple big-budget films were produced as the outcome of the motion picture industry’s steady growth; Various great movies representing the South Korean film history came out at that year.

We wish you would meet 1960’s fascinating movies that manifest the transition and leap of the South Korean film industry after the Korean War on the KOFA’s YouTube channel: Seong Chun-hyang (Shin Sang-ok), The Coachman (Kang Dae-jin), A Petty Middle Manager (Lee Bong-rae), The Sea Knows (Kim Ki-young), A Bonanza (Jeong Chang-hwa), Aimless Bullet(Obaltan) (Yu Hyun-mok), and so on.

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Pshenichnyi Central State Film, Photo and Sound Archive of Ukraine
project «In the Language of Cinema»
27 October 2021
24, Solomianska Str

On October 27, on the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, a lecture «Film Document as a Place of Memory» will be held in the cinema hall of the Pshenichnyi Central State Film, Photo and Sound Archive of Ukraine within the framework of the cultural and educational project «In the Language of Cinema» with a projection of the film «Hryhoriy Havrylenko. The image is light» directed by the famous Ukrainian documentary filmmaker Anatoliy Syrykh.



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Cultural Center of the Philippines(affiliated to SEAPAVAA
27 October - 03 November 2021

The Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) joins the celebration of the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage by holding a free, online screening of films depicting stories of disconnection, the funny travels and travails of an iconic pandemic item, bonds developed in quarantine and images of life’s daily challenges.
Join us as we share these gems from Gawad Alternatibo and Cinemalaya on the CCP Vimeo Channel from October 27 to November 3, 2021.

Watch via vimeo.com/showcase/ccparthousecinema and vimeo.com/ondemand/ccparthousecinema and use the promo code HERITAGE.

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Digital Archive Center for Music, National Taiwan Normal University(affiliated to IASA
Taiwanese Precious Music Recording Online Exhibition
25 October 2021 - 26 October 2022

In order to celebrate UNESCO’s 2021 World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, the Digital Archive Center for Music of National Taiwan Normal University, together with the Ostasien-Institut e.V. Bonn, the National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra, the Taiwan Hakka Culture Development Center of the Hakka Affairs Council, and the National Archives Administration of the National Development Council, organized an online exhibition of “Taiwanese Precious Music Recordings”. The theme of this exhibition is “Beautiful Sound Made by Fellow Hakka,” which presented a series of Hakka music audio-visual materials that have been released, or been fully presented, in hope of drawing attention of the academic peers and general public to the audio-visual archives, to further popularize our use of audio-visual heritage, deepen our understanding of the past, and to amplify our actions for the present and future.

We hope to outline the developmental history of Hakka music through a series of exhibits including 78-rpm records of the “Cantonese Tea Songs,” “Cantonese Pop Songs,” as well as the “Cantonese Songs” from literature and newspapers in the late Qing Dynasty, and during the Japanese colonial period, to the Hakka mountain ditties of post-war “Folk Song Collected Movement” and “Hakka Folk Song Competition,” and to the contemporary compositions of Hakka music in the millennium, witnessing how Hakka music continues to be classified and imagined in different ways in Taiwan, emphasizing the differences of the cultural production context of Hakka music in different processes. This is another key point that the exhibition would like to acknowledge.

Also, we would like to present the history of the preservation of audio-visual archives, from shellac records, reel-to-reel tapes, to digital recordings, through the heritage of Hakka music. Although we integrated the timeline and different forms of expression as a conceptual tool to the exhibitions, we had no intention of portraying the development of Hakka music as a process "from tradition to modernity," or "from folklore to fine art." On the contrary, the curatorial team hopes that viewers can think about the structural factors that shape the institutionalization of Hakka music and the coexistence of different aesthetics through the exhibits.

In this exhibition, in addition to presenting precious recordings rarely made public in the past by well-known Hakka musicians, such as Sun-sun, a famous singer of Columbia Record Company during the Japanese Colonial Period, and LAI Bi-Xia, a national treasure inheritor of Hakka folk songs, lesser-known recordings of important historical moments of the past are also presented. Through a series of exhibits, we hope the viewer can enjoy the beautiful voices and figures of the Hakka people of Taiwanese society’s annual rituals, daily entertainment, folklore revitalization, and artistic concepts. The team also sorted out the provenance of the exhibits at the end of the exhibition, allowing everyone to further explore the huge heritage behind these exhibits.

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Arhiva Nationala de Filme(affiliated to FIAF
Cinemateca Online
01 September - 31 December 2021

Some of the best classical Romanian films available for everyone to see, scanned from negative prints, having English subtitles (75 of them) . Films you may know and films you may not know, available in the highest quality possible. A world that sometimes seems to have vanished in the past, and other times is incredibly fresh and sometimes foresees even the future. Films you should see if you're nostalgic or if you want to discover some memorable scenes from some years back. 120 titles available in total.   

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Arhiva Nationala de Filme
Romanian World Day for Audiovisual Heritage
27 October 2021
Cinema Union

A fresh look on cinema by Cristi Puiu. A film that is an event in itself.

A film that is in almost everyone's top 10 'Best films of 2020' comes for a special projection at Cinema Union

27 October 2021

Invitación a celebrar el Día Mundial Patrimonio Audiovisual el próximo 27 de octubre de 2021.
10:15 am - 11:00 a.m.
Homenaje a LUIS ARMANDO ROCHE. Palabras Edgar Narváez presidente ANAC y otros invitados.
Proyección cortometraje Bach en Zaraza. Director Luis Armando Roche. Año 2002.

11:10 am – 11:30 a.m.
Presentación GRUPO DE TRABAJO POR EL PATRIMONIO AUDIOVISUAL VENEZOLANO a cargo de Nancy de Miranda y Jorge Jacko.
11:30 a.m. -12:45 p.m.

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The Korean Audiovisual Archives Policy Forum
World Day for Audiovisual Heritage in Korea
27 October 2021

The Korean Audiovisual Archives Policy Forum is going to organizes a debate about the public use of broadcasting and audiovisual contents produced in major broadcasting channels in Korea.

Major broadcasters have been producing new contents using the archived videos and files which were produced and broadcasted  in the past.

Meanwhile, the needs for the broadcasted videos and files for various usages, such as for studies, education, and even for other creative activities, are increasing and the viewers(consumers) start to demand more than just re-watching the programs.  

Though there are such demands, the system for collecting, managing, and re-using the broadcasted videos and files at the public level is still lacking.  At the same time, the major broadcasters only have interests on the strategies to generate their own profits, exclusively using and re-using their in-house archives and storage contents which were created in mid-2000s.

Ma Minji, an executive producer, screenwriter, editor, and director of <Family in the Bubble> (photography, 2018), raises a question on this situation. She shares her experience on  researching the archives of the main broadcasters in Korea and talks about several issues in the working-level (platforms, formats, rates). The members of The Korean Audiovisual Archives Policy Forum will also participate in this online debate to seek for possible solutions. 

The Korean Audiovisual Archives Policy Forum

An association for the research and action plans for policy making of audiovisual heritage protection and safeguarding 

Cercle of  experts and professionals in various fields such as media, broadcasting and audiovisual industries, cinema, culture and art, intangible heritage, museum, library, human and social science studies, etc.

The Forum works for public information campaign about the concept 'Audiovisual Heritage', which is not well known to the public so far. They works also for policy making of broadcasting and audiovisual materials protection and safeguarding, which is neglected by policy vaccum. 

In 2019, the Forum organized the first edition of World Day for Audiovisual Heritage in Korea with Information and Archival Science Department at Hankuk University of Foreign Languages (Screening, Exhibition, Symposium, etc.)

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Magnus Knoll
Filmmuseum Potsdam / Filmuniversitaet Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF
Farbe | Film
27 October 2021
Filmmuseum Potsdam

The myth, movies before sound films were always silent, is refuted.
But many people still believe, that the early cinema was always black and white and color had to be imaginated by the audience.

For the UNESCO World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, the Filmmuseum Potsdam and the Master 'Film Heritage' of Filmuniversitaet Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF present early examples of exhiting uses of color in early cinema, years before Dorothy followed the Yellow Brick Road.

Two movies will be screened - "Scherben" (AT, 1921) by Lupu Pick and "Mystery of the Wax Museum" (USA, 1933) by Michael Curtiz - both shining examples of the use of colors. The latter is freshly restored by the UCLA and the glorious two-strip Technicolor will be finally back on the silverscreen.

The screenings will be accompanied by a lecture about the history of the Technicolor-system(s) by Prof. Dr. Ulrich Ruedel of the HTW Berlin.

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Matthew Wilcox
Michigan State University (MSU) Libraries and University Archives & Historical Collections
Special Collections Pop-Up
26 October 2021
Special Collections Seminar Room, MSU Libraries
East Lansing, Michigan
United States

Explore rare and unusual voice and video recordings held by the library, and learn how our Media Preservation Unit makes sure future generations can use them too!  The open-house event will include a screening of the MSU-produced movie How to Splice Film (1959).  If you can't attend the in-person event, sign up for the virtual tour at 3:15.

Cinémathèque universitaire(affiliated to FIAF
Étudiantes et étudiants : des bobines de film, des formats et encore de la pellicule
27 October 2021
Sorbonne nouvelle, 13 rue de Santeuil

Le 27 octobre, en marge des deux projections quotidiennes dans la salle de projection de la Sorbonne Nouvelle, les étudiants pourront découvrir les coulisses de leur cinémathèque en pénétrant dans une des salles de stockage où deux tables de montage 16mm et 35mm nous permettent de vérifier les copies. Pendant un atelier d'une heure, les étudiants pourront manipuler différents formats de pellicule et prendre conscience de quelques gestes et pratiques liés aux métiers du matrimoine et à la préservation du patrimoine cinématographique et audiovisuel.

Deutsches Rundfunkarchiv (DRA)(affiliated to FIAT-IFTA, IASA
ARD Retro's first anniversary.
27 October 2021

On 27.10.2021 the online archive "ARD Retro" celebrates its first anniversary. We are going to celebrate this with a best-of collection of archive videos: https://www.ardmediathek.de/ard/

The German Broadcasting Archive (Deutsches Rundfunkarchiv) also provides a collection of videos on early female program announcers on GDR television: https://www.ardmediathek.de/retrospezialddr/

Since October 27th 2020, the ARD makes historical productions from their television archives accessible in the ARD media library for an unlimited period of time. Meanwhile, more than 15,000 videos before the year 1966 are available. The project makes it possible to research, view and link a large part of the West- and East-German television coverage of the 1950s and 1960s.

In addition to TV-productions from the archives of the public service broadcasters, the ARD media library also provides access to contributions from the former state television of the GDR (Deutscher Fernsehfunk) – a heritage, for which the ARD has been committed to preserving and passing on for around three decades.

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Elif Rongen-Kaynakci
Eye Filmmuseum(affiliated to AMIA, FIAF
Watch films for free from the Eye collection online
27 October 2021 - 01 January 2023

This year, to celebrate the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage (WDAH), Eye Filmmuseum is publishing five silent film programs with specially scored music on its streaming platform Eye Film Player.
The films span a large territory, from South Africa to the United States, and Europe, and are made by filmmakers from numerous countries.
For these presentations Eye exclusively collaborated with internationally renowned silent film composers; José Maria Serralde Ruiz from Mexico, Matti Bye from Sweden, and Martin de Ruiter and Daan van den Hurk from the Netherlands.
All films start streaming on Oct. 27th, World Day for AV Heritage (at noon CET), and will be free of charge for audiences worldwide. All films are unique preservations from the Eye collection.

Film list:

  • The Rose of Rhodesia (SA, Harold M. Shaw, 1917), music by Matti Bye
  • The Right to Happiness (US, Allen Holubar, 1919), music by José Maria Serralde Ruiz
  • The Little Minister (US, Penrhyn Stanlaws, 1921), music by José Maria Serralde Ruiz
  • A compilation of 18 trick films, music by Martin de Ruiter
  • A compilation program of four German films from the Desmet Collection, music by Daan van den Hurk

Eye Film Player shares the treasures from the internationally renowned Eye collection online, so they can be enjoyed by everyone. Watch acclaimed documentaries, compilations from the collection of silent films, Dutch feature films from past and present, experimental films and classics of world cinema, for free or to rent. New titles are added weekly. The Eye Film Player launched January 2021 and is now available worldwide. The Eye Film Player is made possible thanks to Vriendenloterij.

Eye Filmmuseum is the only museum for film heritage and film culture in the Netherlands. Internationally, Eye is recognized as a pioneer in the field of restoration, digitization and digital access. On the Eye website you will find more information about the various Eye activities.

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José Quental
Cinemateca do Museu de Arte Moderna do Rio de Janeiro(affiliated to FIAF
Dia Mundial do Patrimônio Audiovisual
27 October - 11 November 2021
Auditório Cosme Alves Netto - Cinemateca do MAM
Rio de Janeiro

Neste momento tão delicado para o patrimônio audiovisual apresentamos uma programação que vai ocupar tanto o auditório Cosme Alves Netto, fechado desde o início da pandemia de Covid-19, quanto o canal online da Cinemateca do MAM.
No auditório, faremos uma homenagem a um nome fundamental da história da televisão brasileira, o maestro, produtor e diretor Cláudio Petraglia (1930-2021) e também ao centenário da atriz Cacilda Becker (1921-1969), um dos maiores nomes do teatro e da televisão brasileira. Serão apresentadas 3 peças de teleteatro protagonizadas pela atriz recentemente restauradas pelo canal Arte1 sob coordenação de Petraglia.
Além disso, em parceria com a Filmoteca da Catalunha, participamos das celebrações dos 150 anos de nascimento de Segundo de Chomón, um dos mais inventivos pioneiros do cinema mundial.
Já no canal online (https://vimeo.com/channels/cinematecadomam), teremos um programa especial dedicado ao trabalho desenvolvido pela produtora Pique-Bandeira filmes no resgate da filmografia capixaba. O acervo capixaba, desde 2017 vem recuperando alguns trabalhos da filmografia do estado do Espírito Santo cumprindo um papel essencial na preservação e difusão da memória audiovisual daquele estado.
Em nosso canal no youtube (https://www.youtube.com/MAMRio) teremos três meses de debate, duas em homenagem a Cláudio Petraglia e uma dedicada a preservação de acervos sonoros com a participação de representantes de importantes projetos, à saber: Acervo Guilherme Santos Neves(https://acervoguilhermesantosneves.com.br/) e Acervo Djalma Corrêa. Além de falarmos do projeto de história oral da Cinemateca do MAM.

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Consulta Universitaria del Cinema
Consulta Universitaria del Cinema
Musei dell’audiovisivo e cinema in mostra
27 October 2021
Aula Magna della Cavallerizza Reale dell’Università degli Studi di Torino

On the occasion of the 2021 World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, Consulta Universitaria del Cinema – the Italian society of film and media scholars – organizes the event "Audiovisual Museums and Cinema on exhibition".

A few days after the opening of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles (design by Renzo Piano) and a few weeks after the inauguration of the Federico Fellini Museum in Rimini, some of the leading Italian film and audiovisual scholars discuss with experts, museum directors and curators on the role and function of museum for moving images.

Promoted in collaboration with University of Turin-UniVerso and the National Cinema Museum of Turin, the event will be held on 27 October 2021 at the University of Turin.

Live streaming on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/consultacinema) starting at 10:15am CET.


In occasione della Giornata mondiale per il Patrimonio audiovisivo 2021 la Consulta Universitaria del Cinema (CUC) organizza l’evento “Musei dell’audiovisivo e cinema in mostra”, primo appuntamento di un ciclo sul tema Il patrimonio audiovisivo: forme di esposizione, archivi e valorizzazione. Questo primo incontro, promosso in collaborazione con Università di Torino-UniVerso Museo Nazionale del Cinema di Torino, si terrà il 27 ottobre 2021 a partire dalle ore 10.15 nell’Aula Magna della Cavallerizza Reale dell’Università degli Studi di Torino.

A pochi giorni dall’apertura a Los Angeles dell’Academy Museum of Motion Pictures e a poche settimane dall’inaugurazione del Museo Federico Fellini di Rimini, alcuni tra i maggiori studiosi di cinema e audiovisivi dialogano con esperti, direttori di musei e curatori per interrogarsi sul ruolo e la funzione degli spazi museali per le immagini in movimento.

L'evento sarà trasmesso online anche sulla pagina Facebook della Consulta Unviersitaria del Cinema (https://www.facebook.com/consultacinema).


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27 October 2021 - 31 January 2022

La Cinemateca Nacional del Ecuador "Ulises Estrella" celebra el día del Patrimonio Audiovisual con la publicación, en nuestro canal de Youtube, de 20 materiales cinematográficos de nuestro acervo.

En la Cinemateca Nacional consideramos como un asunto principal de la gestión del archivo su conservación y acceso público. Por esto, miramos Youtube como un enorme archivo digital y una herramienta para hacerlo accesible, con el fin de democratizar el trabajo de digitalización de películas que llevamos a cabo en nuestros laboratorios.

La selección de estos 20 materiales cinematográficos tiene como objetivo acercar al público al valor histórico y cultural del archivo fílmico. El cine como documento histórico nos ayuda a comprender, no solamente cómo se vivieron estos acontecimientos, sino cómo interpretamos hoy ese pasado y su importancia para nuestro presente.

Por este motivo, hemos decidido difundir el material cinematográfico más antiguo de nuestro acervo. Las primeras filmaciones de la década de los años veinte de las primeras productoras de cine ecuatoriano: Ambos Mundos y Ocaña Films, cuyos noticieros nos muestran, por ejemplo, las Fiestas del Centenario, la posesión del presidente Isidro Ayora y las clases de puericultura de Matilde Hidalgo de Prócel. También otras joyas de la historia del cine ecuatoriano como el "western andino" "El terror de la frontera" de 1929, y la película del sacerdote salesiano Carlos Crespi filmada, en 1926, en el Alto Amazonas. Los registros de Miguel Ángel Álvarez presentan imágenes únicas de Quito, entre 1927 - 1935: corridas de toros, vida cotidiana y reuniones sociales de la clases altas en haciendas de la serranía.

De la mitad del siglo XX, contamos con los registros documentales de la provincia de Bolívar, de Efraín Torres, y de la Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana del dramaturgo Demetrio Aguilera Malta. Además, materiales inéditos de los noticieros cinematográficos de dos realizadores muy importantes de la historia del cine ecuatoriano: Gabriel Tramontana y Agustín Cuesta. Estos noticieros son indispensables documentos históricos de las décadas de los años sesenta y setenta, por lo tanto, valiosas piezas de nuestro patrimonio audiovisual.

Además, incluimos una de las películas más taquilleras, considerada ya un clásico del cine ecuatoriano, el largometraje Dos para el camino de Jaime Cuesta de 1981. Por último, es parte de nuestro compromiso visibilizar la obra de la primera mujer cineasta del Ecuador, Mónica Vásquez.

Con la divulgación de estos materiales queremos crear consciencia de la importancia de la preservación y conservación, así como visibilizar el arduo trabajo que hay detrás del archivo fílmico: clasificar, catalogar y documentar para mantener las películas cumpliendo estándares internacionales de archivos fílmicos.

En este sentido, consideramos que Youtube nos brinda una puerta de acceso pero, en ningún caso, la única y exclusiva. Más bien, es de suma importancia crear consciencia de que no podemos, hoy en día, confiar plenamente en el almacenamiento digital, "guardado en la nube", pues, sabemos que éste es vulnerable por múltiples razones. Así como, pensar las repercusiones del uso de algoritmos para la labor de preservación y conservación de los archivos fílmicos.

24 October 2021

The 6th of SOFIA's microlearning series will be held from 3:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M. (PHT) on October 24, 2021 via Zoom. Guest speaker is JO ATIENZA, one of the founding members of SOFIA. Now based in the US and working for Disney's Global Content Operations, Jo served as Head of the Film Division of the Film Archives of the Philippines, archiving sector representative to the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), a participant to the FIAF Summer School in Berlin, and the ASEAN Seminar/Workshop on Film Archive Management in Australia. She also set up and became a consultant of the ABS-CBN Film Archive. Jo also worked on various TV and film productions before she moved to the US.

Moderating the session is RONALD RIOS, a SOFIA board member and current representative to the NCCA.

Participants may register and send initial questions to: https://forms.gle/pUgcu13CjoAqYeF47

SOFIA's Microlearning Sessions started in September 2020 that marked the beginning of a new centennial of Philippine cinema. It aims to encourage the youth and film enthusiasts to be more interested in the preservation of our cultural heritage.

Každý týždeň sedem dní / Seven days every week
27 October 2021
Kino Lumière

Slovak Film Institute is celebrating the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage on 27th October in Kino Lumière, the Cinema of the Slovak Film Institute, with a special screening of the new digitally restored Slovak feature film Seven days every week (1964). Director of this film, Eduard Grečner, was in the sixties part of the strong generation of the young Slovak filmmakers, who were inspired by the modern methods in European cinema. Seven days every week is a psychological story capturing the life of university students who are trying to find their place within the society even if they are often misunderstood or disappointed. The film also deals with the feelings of anxiety and fear of the threat of nuclear war. The film Seven days every week is part of the collection of the National Film Archive of the Slovak Film Institute (SFI) and was digitally restored this year.

National Archives of Singapore(affiliated to AMIA, FIAT-IFTA, IASA, ICA, IFLA, SEAPAVAA
11 October 2021

你曾守着丽的呼声和电视追节目吗? 哪些当年的本地广播和电视节目让你念念不忘?彭莱娣博士将通过新加坡国家档案馆的声像档案和口述历史馆藏,介绍新加坡早期的电视与广播发展历程,并重现当年中文节目的精彩片段。


关于“乐在生活庆祝会 2021” (TOYL Celebration 2021)

“乐在生活庆祝会”是国家图书馆管理局每年为50岁及以上人士主办,鼓励终生阅读和学习的活动。今年的主题是 “个人叙事”。“个人叙事”也是个人故事;它能让我们表达自己和自己坚信的理念。它也是一个能让我们有效地记录发生在自己身上的事件和理清生活中的变化的一个工具。通过一系列的讲座和工作坊,我们希望大家能够学习新的技艺,并能把个人叙事线索与不同的艺术形式结合,以充分地表达自我。

请至 https://go.gov.sg/TOYL2021 游览“乐在生活庆祝会 2021”的完整活动列表。

Home Movies - Archivio Nazionale del Film di Famiglia
Towards the Pathé Baby centenary. The Italian audiovisual heritage in 9,5mm
27 October 2021
Home Movies - Archivio Nazionale del Film di Famiglia

Live and online, on Facebook.

With the slogan 'le cinéma chez soi', a hundred years ago the small-gauge formats began to spread to families. A real revolution and utopia that over time became reality, cinema within everyone's reach, from family films to all forms of home movies and amateur and experimental cinema.
The day dedicated to 9,5mm on the eve of the centenary of its invention, 1922-2022, intends to present the first results of the census of the Italian film heritage in 9,5mm, a research conducted by Home Movies - Archivio Nazionale del Film di Famiglia of Bologna in collaboration with the University of Udine and INEDITS- Amateurs Films / Memory of Europe, which to date has involved Italian film archives. The event is curated by Andrea Mariani, Mirco Santi, Paolo Simoni as part of the Homemovies100 project.

To discover the full program of Wednesday 27 October, with conferences, screenings and a live sound performance, click here


The project is part of Archivio Aperto, the festival of Home Movies - Archivio Nazionale del film di Famiglia dedicated to the rediscovery of the experimental, private and amateur heritage | www.archivioaperto.it

National Archives of Singapore(affiliated to AMIA, FIAT-IFTA, IASA, ICA, IFLA, SEAPAVAA
Stories of Yesteryear: Singapore in the 1960s Season 2
07 October - 09 December 2021

Featuring films from Singapore's past, produced and shown in the 1960s. They offer glimpses into the city landscape, everyday life, public services and leisure activities during that time.

This series is produced by the National Archives of Singapore, an institution of the National Library Board. It is a follow up to the successful first season of Singapore in the 1960s, which launched in 2018. The series will feature 50 episodes in total, with 5 new episodes releasing every Thursday from 7 October to 9 December 2021.

Filmmuseum Düsseldorf(affiliated to FIAF
Legacy of Hartmut Kaminski (1944-2016)
27 October 2021

We present the huge audio visual collection of Hartmut Kaminski and Elke Jonigkeit which the Filmmuseum took over in the beginning of the year 2021. It includes an unseen archive of documentary negatives and positives from different russian archives of the Soviet area, the materials of their own films and further more.

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National Archives of Singapore(affiliated to AMIA, FIAT-IFTA, IASA, ICA, IFLA, SEAPAVAA
Archives Unlocked: The 90s TV Ads We Grew Up With
19 October 2021

About this event
What were your favourite TV commercials from the 90s? Join Assistant Audiovisual Archivist June Pok as she revisits memorable advertisements from the downright hilarious to ones that tugged at our heartstrings. See if you can recognise the celebrities, iconic brands or even sing along to the jingles in these ads! This talk will provide insight into the changes in Singapore’s political landscape as well as social engineering measures that were reflected in these commercials.

About the Speaker
June Pok is an Assistant Audiovisual Archivist with the Audio Visual Archives department. She was previously part of the Outreach team, where she helped to organise and run children’s programmes at the National Archives of Singapore and Former Ford Factory.

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Instituto Nacional das Indústrias Culturais e Criativas-INICC, IP.(affiliated to FIAF
Exhibition of Films Allusive to the Celebration of World Audiovisual Heritage day
25-28 October 2021
Agostinho Neto, Number 960

• On October 25th, Exhibition of the film "Tempo dos Leopardos", at 2 pm, at the auditorium of the Instituto Nacional das Indústrias Culturais e Criativas-INICC, IP.
• On October 26th, Exhibition of the film "O Vento Sopra do Norte", at 2 pm, at the auditorium of INICC, IP,
• On October 27th, Guided visit to the film archive and exhibition of the film "Estas São as Armas", to students of the film course from the Instituto Superior de Artes e Cultura-ISARC and students of the archivist course from Escola de Comunicação e Artes-ECA.
• On October 28th, exhibition of the film "Samora Vive", at 2 pm, at the auditorium of INICC, IP.

TIFF Film Reference Library and Cinematheque(affiliated to FIAF
The Portrait of a Lady
29 October 2021
TIFF Bell Lightbox

The Portrait of a Lady
Jane Campion
35mm Print!

This screening marks the UNESCO World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, an annual event that aims to raise awareness of the need for film preservation and the conservation of our audiovisual heritage.

Jane Campion’s haunting, elegant, ultimately devastating adaptation of a Henry James novel long thought unfilmable stars Nicole Kidman as the tragically idealistic young American Isabel Archer. Suddenly wealthy from an unexpected inheritance, Isabel determines that her financial independence should also free her from societal convention, and sets out on a quest for art and experience in Europe. Like so many of James’s American innocents abroad, Isabel becomes ensnared in the stratagems of various schemers, including the brittle, blithely amoral Madame Merle (Barbara Hershey, relishing her every Machiavellian manoeuvre) and the cunning aesthete Gilbert Osmond (a heavy-lidded, louche John Malkovich). With a supporting cast that includes John Gielgud, Shelley Winters, Viggo Mortensen, and Mary-Louise Parker, and an exquisite period design seemingly based on John Singer Sargent paintings, Campion’s daring adaptation of one of the greatest of all novels “shares visual beauty and a tough-minded spirit with The Piano” (The New York Times).

Print courtesy of the TIFF Film Reference Library Screening Collection. This unique collection includes 35mm films that were previously distributed on the theatrical circuit. As a result, this print may exhibit minor signs of wear such as scratches, edge abrasions, and residue.

World Heritage Moving Image Centre (WHMIC)(affiliated to SEAPAVAA
National Celebration of `World Day for Audiovisual Heritage 2021'
27 October 2021

In 2019, WHMIC embarked on an initiative to organize World Day for Audiovisual Heritage celebration at the Malaysia National Art Gallery.

Whereas in 2020, in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic, WHMIC organized an online festival (Pre-Recorded) which proceeded through seven days with eleven activities which include screenings, webinars, awards ceremonies, and more.

For year 2021 celebration, with consideration on practicalities due to limitations caused by the pandemic, WHMIC devised a more simple event which was still able to give strong and impactful effect – which is an event that was BROADCASTED LIVE through online platforms – which then enabled the celebration to take place on a national

To make the year 2021 more impactful, we also plan to hold a range of activities which are expected to take place for a day- to enable greater participation from various categories including policy makers, government officials, students, heritage activists, and public/civil society.

This event is not only a celebration, but also an advocacy platform for two types of main audiences:
1) Policymakers - View the importance of audiovisuals to be formally recognized as the national heritage.
2) Civil Society - Build awareness and appreciation that audiovisual is one of the forms of heritage that needs to be preserved.

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Slovenska kinoteka / Slovenian Cinematheque(affiliated to FIAF
Restored Film Opus by Tatjana Ivančić
27 October 2021
Silvan Furlan Hall at the Slovenian Cinematheque

Tatjana Ivančić is an important figure in the history of the Cineclub Zagreb, as well as in the context of Yugoslav experimental cinema. Her largely lost body of work tells a story about the material destiny of this movement's cinematic legacy and the story about the position of women, as well as amateurs in the Yugoslav cinema at large. Ivančić was born in 1913 and she began filming quite late, when she was in her mid-50s, picking up a cheap small gauge Russian camera her son no longer needed, and very soon she devoted herself completely to this newly discovered passion. Her first film was made in 1968 and in the next two decades she produced over 70 short films, competing actively at amateur film festivals at home and abroad, eventually earning the title of the Master of Yugoslav amateur cinema – a prestigious designation carried by some of the most important names in the history of Yugoslav avant-garde cinema. From what is known today, Ivančić was the only woman who was awarded that honor.

In 2018, Cineclub Zagreb celebrated its 90th birthday and decided to pay tribute to Ivančić not only as its most prolific member, but also as an important yet almost completely neglected author. After the members of the Cineclub inspected the material deposited in the Croatian Cinematheque, they decided to make a digital restoration of Ivančić films based on the elements closest to the original S8mm films – and these were the S8mm copies. Since the small gauge format poses a particular restoration challenge in Croatia due to a lack of resources, the Cineclub Zagreb approached the Austrian Film Museum with a request for collaboration in restoring these 14 films. Ivančić herself left almost no written account of her work, and the memory of the surviving witnesses of her films turned out to be quite fragile and unreliable. These factors, fused with the disappearance of the original S8mm films, presented a challenging task to the preservationists at the Austrian Filmmuseum.

Petra Belc / The Department of Cineclub Zagreb Heritage

BFI National Archive(affiliated to AMIA, FIAF, FIAT-IFTA
Japan on Film
25 October 2021 - 31 December 2024

This selection of views of Japan between 1902 and 1913 - broadly coinciding with the end of the Meiji era - all survive at the BFI National Archive and have been restored and digitised to coincide with the celebrations around the 2020/21 Olympics held in Tokyo and the major BFI Japan season. Many of the French Pathé titles still have their original stencil colouring, which adds to their charm. 

The films are being published on the BFI's YouTube channel in the lead-up to World AV Day and will also be available on BFI Player in the UK. Around Japan with a Movie Camera, a compilation created for the BFI London Film Festival 2021, can also be viewed in the collection.

Image: The Ainus of Japan (1913)

De Montfort University(affiliated to FIAF
Third Annual Archives Open Day
10 November 2021
(via MS Teams) Online
United Kingdom

The De Montfort University Cinema and Television History Institute Third Annual Archives Open Day

Wednesday November 10th 2021, 1pm-5pm (via MS Teams)

Using a range of exciting materials from De Montfort's Cinema and Television History Institute archival holdings, institute members and invited external speakers from Archives for Education and IAMHist will facilitate an afternoon of online discussion and workshops focused around researching film and media studies using archives.

This online event is and free (but must be booked in advance) and is open to enthusiastic undergraduates as well as postgraduates and early career researchers working on any aspect of film, media and popular culture more generally.

This year’s focus, perhaps not surprisingly, given the last year, is 'Access and Absence in the Archives'

To book your free place go to https://www.eventbrite.com/e/cathi-archives-open-day-online-event-access-and-absence-in-the-archives-tickets-155983864939

For further information, contact Dr Ellen Wright at ellen.wright@dmu.ac.uk.

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Ajuntament de Girona. CRDI (Centre de Recerca i Difusió de la Imatge)(affiliated to ICA
50 years of rugby in Girona
26 October 2021
Cinema Truffaut

Screening of the audiovisual about 50 years of rugby in Girona carried out within the framework of the Europeana Sport project. The audiovisual covers half century of history of the rugby section of GEiEG and, at the same time, aims to spread the culture of this sport by showing its intrinsic values and sharing the personal experiences of their protagonists. The narrative is constructed from interviews and, mainly, from the photographic and audiovisual heritage preserved in the CRDI and also by individuals. Europeana Sport is a European project co-financed by the European Union within the framework of the CEF Connecting Europe Facility program that aims to improve the thematic collection of sports on the Europeana portal.

Latvian State Archive of Audiovisual Documents(affiliated to FIAF, IASA
Parallel Cinema
15 September - 31 December 2021

The Latvian State Archive of Audiovisual Documents holds a large collection of Latvian amateur films, until now barely researched and largely unknown to the broader public.

Made from the 1960s to the 1990s, these films open a wide window to the political, social and cultural processes of the past, reflecting the daily life of Soviet people as never seen before in Latvian cinema.

To acknowledge this unique audiovisual heritage and with the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage in mind, this year the archive decided to carry out a research and popularization project of the collection by utilizing the popular Thematic Collections feature of the archive's digital collection site See, Hear Latvia! (www.redzidzirdilatviju.lv).

The project included digitization and publication of a selection of the films, originally made on 16 mm, 8 mm and Super 8 mm film stock with a separate sound tape, as well as publication of photographs, poster images and other materials related to the history of the amateur film movement in Latvia from the archive's own collection as well as other sources.

In addition, the archive cooperated with a local online film magazine www.kinoraksti.lv, analog filmmaking and film education collective and art house cinema to publish a series of articles, organize online film screening and discussion with the participation of former amateur filmmakers, and to produce video interviews with the authors of the films to further contextualize the digital collection of the films on our website.

As the majority of the films do not feature any dialogue, we invite everyone from around the world to take a look at these unusual cinematic gems that range from truthful documentary observations to heartfelt narrative fiction, from quirky animation to bold avant-garde experiments. You can find the film collections by clicking the link: http://www.redzidzirdilatviju.lv/lv/collections/170785/

The complete collection of selected films will be available starting from the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, 27 October, onwards.

CSC - Cineteca Nazionale(affiliated to FIAF
CSC - Cineteca Nazionale for 2021 World Day for Audiovisual Heritage
27 October 2021
La Casa del Cinema

On October 27th CSC-Cineteca Nazionale puts together two important celebrations: the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage on one side and the 700th anniversary of Dante Alighieri’s death on the other, presenting the restored version of La mirabile visione (Luigi Sapelli, 1921). At the time this film was produced for the 600th anniversary of Dante Alighieri and screened for the first time in Rome on October 21st 1921. Made up of two parts, the first dedicated to important moments in Dante Alighieri’s life and the second to episodes taken from his oeuvres (Vita nova and La Divina Commedia), it is an extraordinary document of Italian cultural and film history.

The restoration was undertaken thanks to the collaboration of the Archives Françaises du Film – CNC, Gaumont Pathé Archives and CSC-Cineteca Nazionale.

La mirabile visione
Director: Caramba (Luigi Sapelli); Production: Tespi Film (Rome): Original Length: 4026m; Duration: 134’

The screening takes place at La Casa del Cinema (Rome) with a piano live accompaniment written specifically for this screening and performed by M° Antonio Coppola.

Institution of Preservation & Conservation Audiovisual Documents & Content
From Data management to Knowledge management in Audiovisual Archives
27 October 2021

We are trying to improve knowledge management in AV archives in IRAN. The types of data in audio-visual archives are diverse, and our goal is to structure them. To implement knowledge management in audio-visual archives, data needs to be managed properly. This meeting is held with the support of Tarbiat Modares University and on the occasion of the World Audiovisual Heritage Day.

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Filmoteca Española
Filmoteca Española (affiliated to FIAF
Proyección de "El jefe político" con música en directo en el cine Doré
27 October 2021
cine Doré

Proyección de la restauración de El jefe político (André Hugon, 1926) que ha llevado a cabo Filmoteca Española y el Arxiu del So i la Imatge de Mallorca, acompañada por música en directo a cargo del compositor e intérprete Miquel Brunet. Presentación a cargo de representantes de ambas instituciones. 

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Archives New Zealand(affiliated to AMIA
80 years of the National Film Unit
27 October 2021 - 31 December 2025

For almost 6 decades in the mid-twentieth century, the government of Aotearoa New Zealand commissioned films to promote the country and its activities to audiences at home and overseas. From war newsreels, to nature documentaries, to features on Māori art, the films created by the National Film Unit (NFU) capture the uniqueness of Aotearoa. They offer glimpses of what life was like at a formative time in history ­– and just as interestingly, allow us to understand how the country saw itself. Since 1988, the films have been stored and preserved by Archives New Zealand.

Our online exhibition to commemorate the NFU’s 80th anniversary tells its story, and makes some hidden gems available online. A short documentary shows what we’re doing to preserve the films, while interviews with researchers and filmmakers draw out the richness of the collection as a historical record, and the importance of the NFU in shaping New Zealand’s film industry.

Hong Kong Film Archive(affiliated to FIAF, SEAPAVAA
Celebrating UNESCO's "World Day for Audiovisual Heritage"
27 October 2021
Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
Hong Kong

In celebration of UNESCO's "World Day for Audiovisual Heritage", the Hong Kong Film Archive is presenting a cherished film from its collection, Feast of A Rich Family (1959). This is the third film produced by the South China Film Industry Workers Union (SCFIWU) to raise fund for the establishment of a permanent office, the first two being Kaleidoscope (1950) and This Wonderful Life (1954). Co-directed by Lee Sun-fung, Lee Tit, Ng Wui and Law Chi-hung, Feast of A Rich Family was made with entirely volunteer efforts by over a hundred film personnel, including actors and behind-the-scene production members. The film has since become a symbol of the Hong Kong film industry's altruistic spirit.


1999 marked the 50th Anniversary of SCFIWU's establishment and the Hong Kong Film Archive (Archive) was authorized by the organisation to make a 35mm print of the film for permanent preservation. The Archive in turn made a 2K digital scan of the print in 2021 to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Archive, enabling this black-and-white Cantonese comedy to connect with the audience in an improved condition.


Nouveau-riche Fung is hosting a lavish feast to show off his wife's new diamond ring but calls the banquet a celebration of his father's luscious beard. Embarrassed by his impoverished father's slim physique, he tries to pump up the father through force feeding. His sister and her husband dislike Fung's arrogance, all the while time arguing over what gift to bring. Meanwhile, Fung's nemesis Ho is also planning a party of his own, luring guests with gifts of gold. At the banquet, Fung's father finally has enough and proceeds with a drastic measure... Filmmakers Cantonese and Mandarin alike enthusiastically supported the production. SCFIWU's scriptwriter branch worked on the script of this now-classic Hong Kong film, dividing into teams to work on separate plotlines, writing and editing the script into an organic whole. The story branches out from one specific banquet invitation into several dramatic threads, from situations in different families to the states of mind of characters with divergent economic backgrounds. Feast of A Rich Family is a signature film of its time.

National Film Archive of Japan(affiliated to FIAF
Magnetic Tape Alert:
16 October 2021
Nagase Memorial Theatre OZU, National Film Archive of Japan

The last 50 years, which can be described as a gradual transition from film to digital, was also the era of magnetic tape. Not only professional filmmakers, but also a large number of people have created a wide variety of audiovisual records in their communities, workplaces, and homes. However, UNESCO has warned that if the vast amount of film on tape that is not digitized by 2025, will be lost forever.
The National Film Archive will address this issue in a special event this year's UNESCO World Audiovisual Heritage Day.

Keynote video lecture: Michael Loebenstein
Click to view the video lecture (NFAJ YouTube Channel).

Click to view the leaflet (in Japanese).

Click to view handouts (the NFAJ website in Japanese).


National Archives of Singapore(affiliated to AMIA, FIAT-IFTA, IASA, ICA, IFLA, SEAPAVAA
Dear Future: What Digital Preservation Means for You
26 October 2021

In this inaugural public seminar, our speakers will share insights on how digital preservation is carried out to preserve our memories for posterity. Get insights from the National Library, Singapore, National Archives of Singapore and Asian Film Archive on digital preservation.


Tue, 26 Oct 2021 | 6 pm – 7 pm (GMT 8)



1. Preserving Our Print Heritage
Leong Hui Chuan and Sim Ju Wei will share an overview of the National Library Singapore’s digitisation and digital preservation efforts for print materials, behind-the-scenes work as well as selected resources on preserving our heritage digitally for future generations.

2. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

This introductory session on audio-visual preservation by Mavis Cheng provides a basic understanding of audio-visual media, considerations for preservation and access, and how the public can play a part in preserving our digital audio-visual heritage.



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National Archives of Singapore(affiliated to AMIA, FIAT-IFTA, IASA, ICA, IFLA, SEAPAVAA
Capturing Sounds of Singapore with SoundscapeSG
23 October 2021

Do you have a familiar sound that you look forward to every day? Learn how you can record and archive your favourite sounds in Singapore on SoundscapeSG! From dialects to sounds of the heartlands, the workplace, to nature as well as celebrations, this workshop will (i) showcase the myriad of recordings in the SoundscapeSG collection (ii) guide you on how to contribute and upload your favourite sounds to the platform.

This programme is suitable for those aged 50 and above, and is organised as part of the Time of Your Life Celebration 2021 (TOYL 2021).

Asian Film Archive(affiliated to AMIA, FIAF, SEAPAVAA
Save our Film advocacy campaign
27 October 2021

Save Our Film (#SaveOurFilm) is a film preservation advocacy campaign created by the Asian Film Archive (AFA) in 2010 and relaunched in 2016. The initiative hopes to address the challenges of preserving digital materials in addition to that of analogue formats like films and tapes. Saving our film allows future generations to continue enjoying Asia’s cinematic gems and heritage.

We are calling for filmmakers and collectors to submit their films with us at http://submissions.asianfilmarchive.org. If you wish to contribute to the cause of film preservation, consider volunteering for the Archive (volunteer@asianfilmarchive.org) or donating to us (http://www.giving.sg/asianfilmarchive).

This year's campaign features filmmakers, actors, writers, educators from all over Asia who speak about their experience and the need for film preservation. 

Asian Film Archive(affiliated to AMIA, FIAF, SEAPAVAA
Screenings of restored films for 2021 World Day for Audiovisual Heritage
29-31 October 2021
Oldham Theatre

Celebrating the classics of Asian cinema and beyond, Restored is a regular series by the Asian Film Archive (AFA) showcasing Asian films that have been meticulously preserved and restored by different institutions from across the world. The platform revisits these classics in a new light and allows them to be appreciated by new generations of audiences.

To celebrate the 2021 World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, AFA is stressing the importance of film preservation by screening two recently Restored films at Oldham Theatre in Singapore. Newly-restored by and presented in partnership with National Film and Sound Archive of Australia (NFSA), AFA will be screening Floating Life (1996) on Friday, 29 October 2021 at 8pm. Floating Life is a key work by Hong Kong Second Wave filmmaker Clara Law. The film aptures the experiences of displacement through a poignant and charming portrait of a family dispersed across Germany, Hong Kong, and Australia.

On Sunday, 31 October 2021 at 5pm AFA will be screening They Call Her... Cleopatra Wong (1978) which is newly-restored by AFA in 4K. The film was a Singapore-Philippines co-production and was the first action film of its time starring a Singaporean actress. The restoration of They Call Her…Cleopatra Wong was made possible using a 35mm German-dubbed release print from the collection of Filmarchiv Austria, and a 16mm release print with burned-in Danish subtitles from the Danish Film Institute. (The screening is currently sold out)

Asian Film Archive(affiliated to AMIA, FIAF, SEAPAVAA
Dear Future: What Digital Preservation Means for You: #SAVEOURFILM
27 October 2021

In this inaugural public seminar, our speakers will share insights on how digital preservation is carried out to preserve our memories for posterity. Get insights from the National Library, Singapore, National Archives of Singapore and Asian Film Archive on digital preservation.


Hear from Archivist Chew Tee Pao as he shares the issues and challenges in preserving films and related materials in the digital format, as well as highlight the importance of managing and caring for your film data.

 About the Speaker

Chew Tee Pao has been with the Asian Film Archive (AFA) since 2009. As an Archivist, he oversees the development of the film collection, helps to plan the Archive’s preservation strategies and is also responsible for selecting and overseeing film restorations at the AFA. He has contributed articles on film preservation and co-written a chapter “Independent digital filmmaking and its impact on film archiving in Singapore” for “Singapore Cinema: New Perspectives” published in 2017.

FINA(affiliated to FIAF, FIAT-IFTA, FOCAL International
World Day for Audiovisual Heritage Themes streamed live from Festival Studio
27 October 2021
Kino Iluzjon

During our Silent Flm Festival that will take place between 22nd and 30th of October, we will organise a Live Festival Studio, where each day will have a special theme. The themes will be selected following the films screened but also themes chosen concerning Film Archives in general. 

On the 27th we will be conducting interviews led by Barbara Giza, film specialist concerning global film archives and its heritage. On our platform we will be featuring the World Audiovisual Heritage poster. 


Centro de Documentación Audiovisual de Radio y Televisión, UASLP(affiliated to FIAT-IFTA
Taller: Gestión de Documentos Sonoros
12-14 October 2021
Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí
San Luis Potosí

En el marco de la XXXIII semana de la Facultad de Ciencias de la Información y del Día Mundial del Patrimonio Audiovisual, se impartirá el taller "Gestión de Documentos Sonoros", con la finalidad de proveer a los participantes, conocimientos para la gestión y acceso de documentos especiales, conciencia por la salvaguarda de la memoria colectiva y patrimonio audiovisual de la humanidad; así como los métodos, tecnologías y normas de preservación para dar atención a las necesidades y escenarios actuales de información sonora en la sociedad.

El taller será impartido a estudiantes y egresados del 12 al 14 de Octubre por el Mtro. Ubaldo Candia Reyna, responsable de los archivos de Radio y Televisión de la Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí.

Institute of Musicology SASA
Sound Heritage in Ethnomusicology: Approaches and Perspectives
27 October 2021
Asian Film Archive (affiliated to AMIA, FIAF, SEAPAVAA
Call for 1980s Singapore Short Films
27 October 2021

A commonly overlooked chapter in the history of Singapore cinema, sources point to the fact that the 1980s was in fact a fertile ground for moving images, with a prevalence of film competitions, home moviemaking, and underground filmmaking. However, save for a few disparate records and a handful of viewable materials, not much else is known about this era. 

In order to shed more light on this decade, the Asian Film Archive would like to invite you to submit any short films or videos made during this decade for possible preservation and screenings. We welcome contributions from filmmakers, collectors, companies and the public alike. 

Los documentos sonoros y audiovisuales en España e Iberoamérica
27 October 2021

La Biblioteca Nacional de España celebra el Día Mundial del Patrimonio Audiovisual, patrocinado por la UNESCO. Este año el tema elegido es Los documentos sonoros y audiovisuales en España e Iberoamérica: creación, preservación y difusión.

Entre los múltiples y estrechos vínculos existentes entre España e Iberoamérica, las relaciones culturales ocupan, sin duda, uno de los principales puestos. Este año la Jornada del Día Mundial del Patrimonio Audiovisual en la BNE, de la que su cumple su undécima edición pretende incidir en ese vínculo, enfocándose a las bibliotecas de la comunidad iberoamericana, coincidiendo, además, con el Año Iberoamericano de las Bibliotecas.

Esta XI Jornada tratará de acercarnos a la producción sonora y audiovisual a ambos lados del Atlántico y a sus diferentes formas de gestión documental y difusión para proteger y difundir este rico y variado patrimonio sonoro y audiovisual.

Desde las bibliotecas debemos favorecer su conocimiento, conservación y difusión para responder a las necesidades de información de los investigadores, en un mundo que reclama profundos cambios que afectan a la preservación de unos documentos sonoros y audiovisuales, que, dada su naturaleza, corren el riesgo de desaparecer. Este patrimonio tiene un valor fundamental ya que conserva las grabaciones de nuestro entorno, donde la naturaleza, la cultura y las tradiciones adquieren un papel destacado y necesario para que las generaciones futuras conozcan la identidad y singularidad de su país.

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27 October 2021

For almost 15 years, Memoriav, supported by the Swiss Commission for UNESCO, has been bringing together Swiss cultural institutions that own audiovisual heritage on the occasion of the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage (October 27). This year, the appeal launched around the slogan Weisch no ? Do you remember? Ti ricordi ? Sas anc? has been a great success and nearly 40 events are to be discovered throughout Switzerland around the date of October 27.
Discover all the activities of the World Day 2021 in Switzerland under: www.memoriav.ch/WorldDay including some online!

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Lichtspiel / Kinemathek Bern(affiliated to FIAF
Sorti du laboratoire 2021
20 October 2021
Lichtspiel / Kinemathek Bern

A l'occasion de la Journée mondiale du patrimoine audiovisuel le Lichtspiel présente à nouveau des trésors de ses archives qui sont arrivés et ont été sécurisés au cours des 12 derniers mois. Cette fois-ci, nous nous rendons en Suisse orientale, plus précisément à Flawil, car c'est là que le cinéma ambulant d'Alexander Dahlmann-Fasold s'est arrêté vers 1905 et a filmé des personnes sortant de l'usine de tissage Ottiker. Les descendant-e-s des familles Habisreutinger-Ottiker et Schiess ont financé les restaurations. Dans les films des années 1920, les propriétaires de l'époque documentent l'usine et la vie de famille. Grâce à une préservation minutieuse, nous pouvons aujourd'hui voir ces films dans toute leur splendeur.


La projection sera présentée par Urs Schärli du musée local de Flawil et accompagnée musicalement en direct par Wieslaw Pipczynski.

27 October 2021

We celebrate the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage with two free sessions:

18.00 H
Screening of a selection of home movies conserved in our archive, followed by Memorias de ultramar, a documentary produced by the Filmoteca Española with the collaboration of regional film archives from Spain. It is made from images shot by families who lived in Spanish colonies between 1940 and 1975.

20.00 H
Screening of the films restored by the Filmoteca Valenciana in 2021:

Bellezas de la provincia de Castellón (Spain, 1929, 17'), a documentary directed by Juan Andreu Moragas, one of the most important filmmakers of Valencian silent cinema.

De la raza calé (Joaquín Pérez Arroyo, Spain, 1942. 10 ') > Animated short film restored within the framework of the safeguarding project of the films the animator Joaquín Pérez Arroyo made for the Valencian companies Juguetes Payá and Industrias Saludes -converted by Pérez Arroyo into film production companies and manufacturers of toy projectors.
info: http://grupoanimacion.upv.es/elcinedeperezarroyo/

El diario de Ninon (Moral) (Willy Wolff, Germany, 1928)
One of the copies screened in Spain of this German film, kept by the Valencian Film Library (although incomplete) has served to restore the original German version. The differences between both suggest a moral and political censorship in the Spanish version, which is the one that will be screened.

Fukuoka City Public Library Film Archive(affiliated to FIAF
Asian Cinema Anthology: Screenings and Lecture
20-31 October 2021
Fukuoka City Public Library Movie Hall Cinela

This year, as part of our celebrations of the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, we organize “Asian Cinema Anthology”, a screening program which features the award-winning Asian films at the Focus on Asia Fukuoka International Film Festival.

We will also hold a talk event by inviting Ms. Kae Ishihara of Film Preservation Society (FPS), Tokyo. Kae, one of the leading experts in Japan in the field of film preservation, will give a lecture entitled “The Significance of Fukuoka Film Archive” on Sunday, October 24th at our cinema hall.

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Bulgarian National Film Archive(affiliated to FIAF
Summer Daydream: A Selection of Vintage Bulgarian Short Films
27 October 2021
,,Odeon'' archival cinema

The compilation of early Bulgarian films, which the Bulgarian National Film Archive will present to its live audience is entitled “Summer Daydream: A Selection of Vintage Bulgarian Short Films”. We offer four archival treasures, which with a pinch of humor present life in the country during the interwar period. 

The program is part of the Bulgarian National Film Archive`s involvement in the ACE and EU initiative ,,A Season of Classic Films''.   

The silent films will have a live instrumental performance by maestro Valentin Stamov on the piano.

The first presentation of the event can be streamed online at the Bulgarian National Film Archive`s YouTube channel:


The films:

A HOLIDAY DREAM (1926, dir. Panayot Kenkov) - New digital restoration made possible thanks to ,,A Season of Classic Films''.

This is the first feature film directed by Bulgarian photographer and cinema pioneer, Panayot Kenkov.

He developed his own film-developing process, served as producer, director, and distributor. In ,,A Holiday Dream'' Kenkov uses his hometown Varna as the backdrop for the misadventures of the protagonist. The young rentier Zhezhi leads a secluded life on his estate. His daily routine is interrupted by the arrival of a letter from Varna: his cousin invites him to spend the summer at the seaside. Zhezhi is lost in a reverie about his future adventures, falls asleep, and has his holiday dream…

OUT SEA (1929, dir. Kiril Petrov)

In this film the viewer is taken on a boat trip along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast with stops in the ports of Sozopol, Nessebar and Pomorie, revealing the natural landmarks and beautiful landscapes of the seaside towns.

From the salt pans in Pomorie to the sea baths and the various activities vacationers partake in, Our Sea nurtures the love of our Black Sea coast and is the earliest preserved example of a Bulgarian film using cartoon animation.


At the summer baths in the village of Lujene (today a district of Velingrad) a competition for “Queen of the Beach” is held. In addition, high-diving and other recreational activities young people by the pool enjoy are revealed, along with another competition being held at the same event.

ENJOY SHUMENSKO PIVO (1940, dir. Spas Totev)

A commercial film for the Bulgarian beer, Shumensko pivo, showing manual and automatic washing of bottles, pouring beer, a bus decorated with the logo of Shumensko pivo, circling the streets of Pazardzhik, along with various scenes of people drinking beer, accompanied by advertising verses.

Irish Film Institute(affiliated to FIAF
Screening of the newly restored 1938 film Blarney
27 October 2021
Irish Film Institute

The Irish Film Institute is pleased to host the first cinema screening of the newly restored 1938 film Blarney starring Irish comedian Jimmy O'Dea. Funded by the Creative Europe Media programme from elements held at the British Film Institute and the UCLA Film and Television Archive the film is a whimsical comedy set around Ireland's border and playfully examining the impact partition has on the residents living close by. The film is of particular interest at a time when Ireland's border is again in the news. Following Britain's exit from the EU those living on either side of the Irish border have been presented with a host of new political and economic challenges, making this otherwise charming comedy more relevant than ever.

Filmoteca de Catalunya(affiliated to FIAF
27 October 2021


Behind the recovery and restoration works from Film Archives, there are often Filmmakers and Collectors who have preserved the originals.

This screening will show restored films in collaboration with the city councils of Reus, Granollers and Olesa.

20.00h | FUEGO EN EL CUERPO (Ignacio F. Iquino, 1953)

Fuego en el cuerpo is a quite unknown film by Ignacio F. Iquino restored by 2CR-Filmoteca de Catalunya. 

This screening will be presented by Clara Martín, Ferran Alberich and Andrea Campillo

La Cinémathèque de Toulouse(affiliated to FIAF
Tribute to Roberto Rossellini
27 October 2021
La Cinémathèque de Toulouse

As part of its Roberto Rossellini cycle (October 12-November 10, 2021), the Cinémathèque de Toulouse is offering a meeting on October 27 at 7pm with Mathieu Macheret, film journalist at Le Monde, teacher, lecturer and film club leader. Since July 2021 (and until 2022), Mathieu Macheret has been leading, alongside Aurore Renaut, a series of conferences on the work of Roberto Rossellini.
The meeting will be followed at 9pm by the screening of Rome, Open City (1945) by Roberto Rossellini, presented by Mathieu Macheret.

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Deutsche Kinemathek(affiliated to FIAF
28 October 2021 - 02 May 2022
Deutsche Kinemathek

Opening: 27 October 2021

Our exhibition pays homage to the complex and laborious work of film restoration in the service of preserving our collective visual memory. Extensive projections amidst a backdrop of the tools of the restoration trade, and interactive installations with a loupe and a light table will invite visitors to take a detailed look at the investigative work of film restoration.

Five segments explore everything from the world-wide search for pieces of film to the reconstruction of early audio tracks, right up to colour grading and correction for Technicolor films. The exhibition follows the process of using segments of film from the temperature-controlled vaults of film archives and the darkrooms of film labs to rebuild a complete film.

The exhibition is funded by the Governing Mayor of Berlin – Senate Chancellery and the Wüstenrot Foundation.